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CEO’s greeting / Vision

CEO’s greeting

tomato company

Let us explain why our company name is TOMATO.
It is an abbreviation of rather lengthy full name of ' Top Management For Tomorrow.'

What would our future be like?
We, Tomato M&C, as a medical device company, hope that our customer and patient who use our goods can rely on us. Especially we sincerely hope that the patient using our products, Tomato Cast and Tomato Splint will overcome their unexpected and inconvenience situation very soon. And, We sincerely express our deep appreciation for our esteemed customer. That is what our relationship means ; helping one another to reach the full status of being partners, responsible and autonomous being who have good personal and social influence.

We, Tomato M&C, Whole member will do our best effort to realize our good willing for your future.
Thank you so much all the time.



Creating the best value is the best vision.
Tomato M&C Co., Ltd. shall

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