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Tomato Splint


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  • Comfortability : Smooth unrolling offers doctors can wrap it with less pressure and patient will have no pains during the applying procedure.
  • Conformability and mouldability : Our own produced extreme soft fabric makes it easier to wrap and shape the contours of the human body.
  • Durability for safety : Tomato Cast is strong to impact and durable on the edges.
  • Tack-free and no layer separation
  • Excellent X-ray translucency

Application instructions

slip the pad
Take out Tomato Splint covered with long sealed foil pouch from the box, measure the length to apply, Cut off with a bandage scissors.
Seal up immediately with a clip (sealing bar) provided inside each box to prevent air of moisture from coming inside the package.
open og tomato cast
Choose the desired size for the affected body part. Generally no gloves are necessary.
put in teh water
Open the product and spray to the Inside(White Side) of Tomato Splint in the room temperature water for 3-5 seconds and then wipe the water on the splint surface.
Get rid of the excessive water on the splint to strengthen adhesion between the layers, laying it on the dry towel and roll up with the towel.
Wrap Tomato Splint with a roll of elastic bandage to secure and mold it freely.

Product information

TPS-210F/TPS- 210PPRE-CUT2in x 10in (5.0cm x 25.0cm)10
TPS-312F/TPS- 312PPRE-CUT3in x 12in (7.5cm x 30.0cm)10
TPS-335F/TPS- 335PPRE-CUT3in x 35in (7.5cm x 87.5cm)10
TPS-415F/TPS- 415PPRE-CUT4in x 15in (10.0cm x 37.5cm)10
TPS-430F/TPS- 430PPRE-CUT4in x 30in (10.0cm x 75.0cm)10
TPS-530F/TPS- 530PPRE-CUT5in x 30in (12.5cm x 75.0cm)10
TPS-530F/TPS- 530PPRE-CUT5in x 30in (12.5cm x 75.0cm)10
TPS-545F/TPS- 545PPRE-CUT5in x 45in (12.0cm x 112.5cm)5
TPS-630F/TPS- 630PPRE-CUT6in x 30in (15.0cm x 75.0cm)10
TPS-645F/TPS- 645PPRE-CUT6in x 45in (15.0cm x 112.5cm)5
TRS-002F/TRS- 002PROLL2in x 5yds (5.0cm x 450cm)1
TRS-003F/TRS- 003PROLL3in x 5yds (7.5cm x 450cm)1
TRS-004F/TRS- 004PROLL4in x 5yds (10.0cm x 450cm)1
TRS-005F/TRS- 005PROLL5in x 5yds (12.5cm x 450cm)1
TRS-006F/TRS- 006PROLL6in x 5yds (15.0cm x 450cm)1
TRS-008F/TRS- 008PROLL8in x 5yds (20.0cm x 450cm)1

Ordering code

color index
* e.g. - TPS - 312P : Tomato pre-cut type splint, 3 in x 12 in, polyester
* e.g. - TRS - 004F : Tomato roll type splint, 4 inch, fiberglass

Intention to use

Tomato Splint has been designed for use in emergency treatment for fractures, sprains and strains. Common practices are, after fractures, swelling would cause a cast to function improperly. Tomato Splint can be used until swelling has been decreased and ready to apply complete cast.


1. Each roll should be gently squeezed prior to opening to check suitability for application. The unopened roll should be soft and flexible, do not use the roll that feels hard
2. Wearing surgical gloves does not need to handle the splint. But the polyurethane resin could adhere firmly to unprotected skin, hair and clothing,
which may cause a mild irritation. Thus, wearing protective gloves are recommended to apply in case you need to touch the polyurethan part and use alcohol
or acetone to remove the polymer.
3. An uncomfortable increase of heat can be caused during hardening by immersing in water at temperature above 27C.
4. All application should be followed instructions and directions of a doctor or qualified medical professional
5. Products should be stored out of reach of children.