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Tomato Cast


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  • Comfortability : Smooth unrolling offers doctors can wrap it with less pressure and patient will have no pains during the applying procedure.
  • Conformability and mouldability : Our own produced extreme soft fabric makes it easier to wrap and shape the contours of the human body.
  • Durability for safety : Tomato Cast is strong to impact and durable on the edges.
  • Tack-free and no layer separation
  • Excellent X-ray translucency

Application instructions

slip the pad
Slip the two layer of Tomato SAFE Pad on the
affected body part.
Gloves must be worn.
open og tomato cast
Open only one roll of Tomato Cast at a time.
put in teh water
Immerse the roll in the water in a temperature of 20-24 degrees for 3~5 seconds and squeeze 3-4 times in the water for the complete water penetration into the body of the roll. This process will help strengthen adhesion and make it easy to come off the roll.
* Do not put it in the water for too long.
Wrap spirally, taking care to avoid excessive tightness.
* Finish wrapping it up within 1 minute and 10 seconds after the pouch is open.
Smooth and rub the surface to achieve good contact between layers. In 3-5 minutes after immersion in the water, Tomato Cast is sufficiently cured for further molding.

Product information

TRC-002F/TRC-002P2in x 4yds (5.0cm x 3.6m)10
TRC-003F/TRC-003P3in x 4yds (7.5cm x 3.6m)10
TRC-004F/TRC-004P4in x 4yds (10.0cm x 3.6m)10
TRC-005F/TRC-005P5in x 4yds (12.5cm x 3.6m)10
TRC-006F/TRC-006P6in x 4yds (15.0cm x 3.6m)10

Color Index

color index
※The color shown in the picture may be different from the actual color.

Color Index

ordering code
* e.g. - TRC - 003F - WH : tomato rigid cast, 3 inch, fiberglass, white

Application instructions

Tomato Cast has been designed for immobilization of fractures, sprains and strains, ect.


1. Each roll should be gently squeezed prior to opening to check suitability for application. The unopened roll should be soft and flexible, do not use the roll that feels hard
2. The polyurethane resin could adhere firmly to unprotected skin, hair and clothing, which may cause a mild irritation
3. An uncomfortable increase of heat can be caused during hardening by excessive layering of tape or immersing in water at temperature above 27℃
4. All application should be followed instructions and directions of doctor or qualified medical professional
5. Products should be stored out of reach of children

Soft Cast

soft cast product image


  • Easy to be cut off by bandage scissors
  • Enough fixation for support
  • Skin tight applications without padding
  • Shoes can be worn with the cast on
  • Suitable for a child in cast removal

Product information

TSC-002PTomato Soft Polyester Cast2in x 4yds (5cm x 3.6m)10rolls
TSC-003PTomato Soft Polyester Cast3in x 4yds (7.5cm x 3.6m)10rolls
TSC-004PTomato Soft Polyester Cast4in x 4yds (10cm x 3.6m)10rolls
TSC-005PTomato Soft Polyester Cast5in x 4yds (12.5cm x 3.6m)10rolls

Application instructions

Tomato soft cast is intended for secondary casting and a comprehensive wrap to control swelling. Tomato Soft Cast, more flexible casting material is typically used for functional immobilizations that can tolerate some movement(ex. Minor broken bones, or more casual strains, sprains, and ligament damage)

Product characteristics

Tomato Soft Cast consists of a knitted polyester fabric impregnated with a polyurethane resin. Exposure to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction which causes the roll to set. The finished wrap will retain its shape while remaining elastic to the touch

Patterned Cast

patterned cast product image


  • To be used to improve effective treatment through a patient's state of balance
  • Cartoon Pattern can catch children's eyes
  • Military Pattern can be disguised from enemy
patterned cast product image

Basic 5 Patterns

  • Flower, Panda, Camo blue, Camo pink, Camo green