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Tomato Pad


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  • Extreme softness with volume makes superior comfortability
  • Once binding up, won’t be come off easily
  • 100% Cotton minimizes skin troubles

Product information

TMP-002Orthopedic pad 2” x 2.7m, 100%cotton
TMP-003Orthopedic pad 3” x 2.7m, 100%cotton
TMP-004Orthopedic pad 4” x 2.7m, 100%cotton
TMP-006Orthopedic pad 6” x 2.7m, 100%cotton
TMP-008Orthopedic pad 8” x 2.7m, 100%cotton

Intention to use

Tomato is intended as a soft sores-preventing inter-layer under solid casting tape

2in1 Safe Pad

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  • Comfortability : Tomato safe pad reduces the water absorption and dries quickly to keep a patient more comfortable.
  • Excellent air permeability : Tomato safe pad is well ventilated and reduces skin irritation caused by sweat and moisture
  • Superior cushioning : Tomato safe pad cushions the impact effectively

Product information

TRP-002TOMATO ROLL PAD2in x 10m1
TRP-003TOMATO ROLL PAD3in x 10m1
TRP-004TOMATO ROLL PAD4in x 10m1
TRP-005TOMATO ROLL PAD5in x 10m1
TRP-006TOMATO ROLL PAD6in x 10m1

Product characteristics

- Tomato safe pad is the product mixed with PAD and STOCKINET and consists of polyester fabric.
- Tomato safe pad is easy to use and reduces the medical treatment time.
- Tomato safe pad protects the affected area and skin when CAST is removed by CAST SAW.


- Tomato SAFE PAD" reduces the water absorption, but avoid taking a sauna or shower without a doctor's permission
- Excessive actions can lead to a worse injury


Stockinet product image


  • Soft & moderate elasticity offers more comfortability to patient
  • 100% Cotton minimizes skin troubles

Product information

TMS-002100%cotton stockinette 2”x10m
TMS-003100%cotton stockinette 3”x10m
TMS-004100%cotton stockinette 4”x10m
TMS-006100%cotton stockinette 6”x10m
TMS-008100%cotton stockinette 8”x10m
TMS-0010100%cotton stockinette 10”x10m

Intention to use

Tomato STOCKINET is intended as a soft sores-preventing inter-layer under solid cast materials

Elastic Bandage

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  • You can choose either 100% Cotton or 95% Cotton and 5% Rubber case by case.
  • Providing breathing comport in case of bandaging of torso thanks to its elasticity
  • Allowing unconstrained movement after bandaging of knee or elbow joint. Good value for the money as the amount of usage is less

Product information

TME-002R/TME-002C5cm x 2.15m
TME-003R/TME-003C7.5cm x 2.15m
TME-004R/TME-004C10cm x 2.15m
TME-006R/TME-006C15cm x 2.15m

Intention to use

Tomato ELASTIC BANDAGE is intended as holding the splint in place and to protect it